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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 14, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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he said the u.s. support was returning to the military to a security role in that country. chaos and a trail of death after a suicide bomber blew himself up at a wedding in gans today. the u.s. embassy reports more than 20 people were killed in that explosion. among them a top politician in the afghan parliament. back here at home, visa and mastercard are used to receiving, not payments. they along with some very large banks have agreed to parkway get this, more than $6 billion to settle a huge anti-trust lawsuit. it has to do with alleged price fixing of so-called swipe fees that are charged to retailers when they accept credit card payments. don't celebrate just yet though. that deal which still needs to be approved by a judge also means that retailers could pass along that 2% to 3% surcharge to you, the customer. one of the world' largest
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banks says we're sorry. barclays officials took out full page ads in the big london papers today, apologizing to customers and clients for the interest rate bringing scandal that dominated business news this month. the chairman and the chief executive of barclays resigned amid that scandal. two weeks before the start of the london olympics, the company providing security guards says it has failed to recruit enough staff. the firm g 4 s could lose as much as $77 million for not fulfilling their contract to cover the shortfall, the british government has to deploy some 3,500 additional military personnel and bring them to the games. the u.s. olympic committee said it is too late to change the made in china uniforms that our athletes will wear at the opening ceremony in london. the clothes are designed by ralph lauren but manufactured overseas. the usoc said the athletes will wear uniform made in america at the 2014 games.
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the rule is if you cannot see the road, don't drive on it. that is not stopping drivers in houston who seemd seemingly have no choice at this point. as much as ten inches of rain fell in some areas over the past three days. flood warnings remain in effect throughout the city. and sylvester stallone's son sage has been found dead in his los angeles home. stallone is devastated over his son's death. the 36-year-old actor performed in a couple movies with his father including rocky v. authorities say foul play is not suspected. of course an autopsy will be perform. we are closely monitoring egypt this hour. that's where two americans and their tour guide are in the hands of kidnappers. take a look at this picture. this man. michel louis is a pastor from dorchester, massachusetts. he was traveling in northern sinai when locals stopped his vehicle. cnn foreign affairs report he
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joins us live from cairo. thank you for being here. i really appreciate it. i want to talk about these kidnappers and what they're asking for. we know that they're bedouins. but unlike other kidnappings that we've seen and a lot recently, they're not asking for money. >> reporter: no, that's right. usually this is about getting some money. criminal activity. it is a no man's than where there's trafficking, criminal activity, a lot of militants increasingly since the fall of hosni mubarak. this time the kidnappers have a command. they want to get the release of some of the relatives which have been detained in alexander re, a egypt. the tourist area. on drug charges. and so they say that they're not going to release them and they might kidnap other westerners and americans if their demands are not met. >> what is interesting is since the fall of hosni mubarak in egypt, we've seen this increase in kidnappings, especially in this part of egypt which has become somewhat notorious for
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things like. this i know that similar kidnappings happened a few months ago. however, those that were abducted were released relatively quickly. >> that's right. the egyptian military up until now has been really doing a pretty good job about patrolling the border. and these things get resolved very easily. as you can, over the last year, there has been so much chaos in egypt and a lot of political turmoil, especially in cairo in the big cities. and the military has really had its hands fulfill so this hasn't been the priority. so the u.s. has been saying to them, israel on the border, very concerned. walking on egg shells. there's not only these kidnappings but a lot of terrorist activity on the border right now. it is a real no man's land. the egyptians don't have their eye on the ball. >> it is a very big deal also today that you're reporting on the fact that secretary of state hillary clinton is in egypt. they just did meet with the newly elected president as our viewers are seeing on the
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screen. she said we are very glad you're here. this really signifies how important a solid relationship between the u.s. and egypt is. egypt being one of the biggest allies of the united states and the region. what do we expect to come from this meeting? how significant is it that the secretary of state is there today? >> well, she is the first u.s. official to meet with president morsi since his election. and some people thought maybe it is premature. there is so much domestic troubles going on right now in egypt. how can they pay tacks to their relationship with the united states? but her aides say, no, this is the push egypt needs. she wanted to come and engage and say the u.s. wants to work with you on this democratic transition. wants to help. very tough messages. not just for morsi saying, listen, you have to end this bickering. you have to assert the full authority of your office. wants see the a constitution. but also for the military in
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this sinai incident. it is a perfect example. get back to your day job. there is a democratically elected president and you need to get back to your real job of national security, securing the country, because, hey, that bored he is really dangerous. and if something happens with israel, for instance, and the peace treaty that has been long held between those two countries could be in jeopardy. this is a perfect example of why all egyptians have to take their role and move together for the better of the country. >> and of course, tomorrow, clinton will meet with the top military leader there in egypt as well as coptic christian groups so spending a fair amount of time. there it is obviously critical for all americans, what is happening in egypt and for the world and the stability in the region. we appreciate it. thank you. president obama weekend campaign stops in virginia. one of those critical battleground states that he is trying to hold on to in
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november. he told supporters under rainy skies near richmond today that now is not the time to give up on the u.s. economy. and he returned to a favorite attack line of recent days. paige mitt romney as a businessman who built his success sending u.s. jobs overseas. >> mr. romney has a different idea. he invests in companies that have been called pioneers of outsourcing. i don't want to pioneer in outsourcing. i want some insourcing. i want to bring company back. >> what president obama did not do today was comment on mitt romney's very aggressive defense of his tenure at bain capital. romney, you may have seen by now, made the network rounds last night defending his record. criticizing the obama campaign's tactics. he saved his strongest response when asked about an obama staffer's claim that romney might have committed a felony in terms of what he told the s.e.c.
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about his record of bain. he told abc, the president should say he is sorry. he said the attacks have gone too far. >> one of their insiders say that their campaign was going to be based upon the strategy of, quote, kill romney. end of quote. that's what they're doing. it is disgusting, demeaning, it is something which i think the president should take responsibility for and stop. >> mitt romney had a lot more to say on that. and of course, other issues. we'll air the full one-on-one interview with governor romney at 7:00 eastern tonight right here in the cnn newsroom. and tomorrow, on state of the union with canny crowley, the romney senior adviser stops by to talk about bain capital. and state budgets will play into the race for the white house. that and much more on state of the union, cnn sunday morning starts at 9:00 eastern. all of the thing that could be caught on tape.
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this may be one of the worst. take a look. a mentally ill woman abused the victim's own caregiver, now under arrest. but first this. careful what you joke about on facebook. especially if you have any family ties to iran. a father is in prison because of what his son posted. [ female announcer ] nature valley protein bars. 100% natural ingredients like roasted peanuts, creamy peanut butter, and a rich dark chocolate flavor. plus, 10 grams of protein. so it's energy straight from nature to you. nature valley protein bars.
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so if you're one of those people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day, block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. . syrians are facing another bloody day wondering what it are take for the international community to step in. we're showing you video now that was taken yesterday in the province where 80 people were killed, according to activists. so far today, we can tell that you at least 49 people have been killed. the opposition is accusing security forces of using
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helicopters to fire on civilians. at the same time, the u.n. is trying to determine what exactly happened in one town where a massacre on thursday left more than 200 villagers dead in syria. now to a video from northeast india that has gone viral. i have to warn you, the images you're about to see are incredibly disturbing. you see, a 23-year-old woman hopelessly encircled by the crowd. they grab her, they hit her. police have identified a total of 14 suspects in this brutal assault but only four have been arrested so far. the suspects face charges of molestation, unlawful restraint, vulgar behavior, and causing harm. if convicted, they face three years in prison. you would speck it to be a lot more than that. beware of what you say social media specifically if you have ties to iran. a college student in holland knows that all too well.
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his father was arrested and threatened with execution after joined a facebook page. >> reporter: it's a strange looking cartoon on a facebook page. charlie manson's face. assumer imposed over what is believed to be an image of a cherished ninth century shia imman. he is flanked by a camel wearing sunglasses and the donkey from shrek. this satirical page has become popular among iranians. a 25-year-old college student in holland joined that page about a year ago. started posting joke and irreverent video clips. >> almost everybody that is involved believes that everything will be subject and nothing and nobody is too holey. >> reporter: but in may he got frantic calls from his family in iran. his father, had been targeted for the alleged sins of his son. arrested, taken to the prison, notorious in iran for torturing prisoners. >> a few days after arresting my
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father, i received a call from my mother. she was very crying and said that if you don't close that facebook page, they will execute your father. >> reporter: he messaged the manager of the facebook page asking for the page to be taken down. the manager refused. he said iranian officials have accused his father of supporting anti-religious activities by paying for his son's studies. >> reporter: what could the iranian regime have seized on here? he works for the ran corporation and speaks and reads fluent as far asi. >> specifically, this word means superstition in r farcy. this says that the beliefs are superstition. >> reporter: considered sacrilegious by an iranian government whom he says has
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really brought its fist down on social media since the 2009 green revolution. >> given the technological sophistication of this regime, did you not think beforehand that they would pick up what you were doing on facebook, figure out who was doing it, and then possibly target your family? >> well, i never thought that they are going to target my family. i always felt that i'm doing something that is not acceptable by the regime. i accept the consequence of my own activity. >> reporter: he says he still doesn't know the condition of his father. only that his father is, quote, not free. he has also stopped could not his mother and sister directly. cnn's efforts to get information on his father's arrest and condition from iranian officials in tehran and at the u.n. have been unsuccessful. cnn, washington. >> wow! illinois congressman jesse jackson jr. has been diagnosed with a, quote, mood disorder. ahead, a psychologist walks us through what this condition
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the twenty billion dollars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment. and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious. last year, many areas even reported record tourism seasons. the progress continues... but that doesn't mean our job is done. we're still committed to seeing this through.
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. this is absolutely terrifying. a car crash in new jersey captured by traffic cameras, set
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up to catch people running red lights. take a look at what we're talking about. the car driving down toward the camera does exactly that. runs the red light. hits another car, goes airborne, crashes into a median. you see the rest. the driver unbelievably only suffered minor injuries. was arrested for drunk driving. no one else was hurt. officials released this video to show the dangers of running red lights. wow! and catch him if you can. police are certainly still trying. this guy doing over 180 miles an hour, weaving through traffic, all while filming himself. that's crazy. now police in british columbia are trying to track him down. they think they know hees. they think it is 25-year-old randy george scott of victoria. this video has gone viral with a million hits on youtube so far. scott is facing charges that could see him locked up for five years. really, more questions than answers on the condition of jesse jackson jr. after his office released this statement
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on wednesday. saying, the illinois congressman is receiving intensive medical treatment at a residential treatment facility for a mood disorder. he is responding positively to treatment and is expected to make a full recovery. jack, of course, is the son of civil rights leader reverend jesse jackson. he hasn't been on the hill since late may. his office previously said he was suffering from a quote, medical condition. so we want to talk more about what this mood disorder could be and to help us do that, we have dr. henry cloud. he is a clinical psychologist and author of many, many books. >> good to be here. >> i want to talk about a mood disorder. the a.p.a. said this could be a broad range. it could be a depressive episode. it could be bipolar disorder. what do we think mood disorder really means? >> well, you know, broadly speaking, it is two buckets of stuff. people like you said, that are depressed and their mood is down. or it is people that the mood is so elevated that they go manic
5:21 pm
or you've heard either one is bipolar. now, the problem here is that the bucket, the description that they're giving us is so big that it leaves so many questions unanswered. you can have somebody with a depression who can recover, function very, very well, or you can have somebody on the more serious side. >> when we were speaking during the break, you said the vacuum of information is the issue. you have a guy repping a south side of chicago. an area that needs good representation. he is not on the hill right now able to do his job. we have a lot of questions. there have been politicians speaking out saying we the media should leave him alone. he needs to get treatment. i wonder what your take is, if he was say, suffering from cancer but we did not know a lot of details about what type of cancer, would that be treated differently than say, something that is deemed a mood disorder? >> well, it could be. and the problem with a mood disorder is, sometimes, you
5:22 pm
know, it is just about the mood and somebody has energy disturbance and they don't feel well. you get them on anti-depressants and they're up and functioning again. the other sort of extreme of this is, it can affect thinking and cognitive impairment and decision and all that sort of stuff that we expect leaders to do. but the bigger issue, i think here is the leadership question. i don't know who is talking to them about this but rule number one when a leader is in a crisis, you've got to provide information so that people who are going to follow you know what to expect. once they know what's happening, you can give them a lot of hope. you can tell them what will follow. then everything settles down and you can have the privacy. you can't confuse privacy in an information vacuum. that's what needs to hax giving enough information where people can settle down and they know what to expect and everybody will go back to business and let him get well. >> it is interesting you say that. when heads of public companies get ill, you think of steve jobs
5:23 pm
or warren buffett announcing he was suffering from prostate cancer. oftentimes they will come out and be pretty open. not necessarily the case with steve jobs. there were a lot of questions surrounding his illness. but that i know the congressman is being treated in a residential facility. what does that tell you? what does that mean? he is not inpatient in intensive care in the hospital. >> right. and again, the vague description. residential treatment facility kind of means that somebody is in residence there. now, a lot of time we do associate that with substances but not all the times. you know, nowadays, there are places where people, especially people who can afford it and have means, can go check in somewhere and get very intensive treatment. and that is the mystery here. one of the things about a mood disorder is, you could be hospitalized because of something dangerous. but this also could be because they really want to focus on getting the medicines right.
5:24 pm
getting him a lot of help intensively and again, we just don't know. that's kind of the problem. but there is good news in all of this. that mood disorders are very, very treatable. i've work with tons of leaders who have mood disorders. when they stick to their treatment and all that, they do very well. we just don't know. >> that was going to be my next question. how treatable is it? i know he is running for reelection in november. so got to get back on the campaign trail. absolutely. doctor, thank you. >> you have to get on the campaign trail and have energy and a message and that's what we don't have yet. >> thank you so much. >> good to be here. of all the things that could be caught on tape. this may be among the worst. a mentally ill woman abused in her home where she gets care every day. her caregiver now under arrest. don't forget. you can stay connected. you can watch cnn live on your computer. you can do it from work. this man is about to be the millionth customer.
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coming up now, let's get you up to speed on today's headlines. first off, two americans kidnapped overseas. now the people who grabbed them are demands. it lapped in egypt, the sinai peninsula. a passenger, michel louis, was traveling. michel, one woman from the group
5:28 pm
and the tour guide were abducted. we were will they were stopped by bedouins in northern sinai. that's where they're still being held. the kidnap herbs don't want money. they're demanding the release of relatives long up in egypt on drug charges. also in egypt, secretary of state hillary clinton meeting the country's newly elected president mohammed morsi and pleblging the return of citizen leadership there. he won that office just two weeks ago. but egypt, of course, is nowhere near politically settled. there is still no cabinet, no parliament, and the new president is at odds with his own military. back here in the united states, visa and mastercard along with some large u.s. banks have agreed to pay $6 billion to settle a huge anti-trust lawsuit. it has to do with alleged price fixing of so call swipe fees that retailers charge when they accept credit card payments. now an attorney for the national association of convenience stores told cnn earlier today, his organization is not
5:29 pm
supporting this settlement. >> well, you have to read the fine principle when you deal with credit card companies. that's true here, too. when you read the fine principle, it is eye opening. they're not going to reduce the fees even for the eight months. what they're going to do is give merchants the egive lenlt of that amount of cash and keep raising the fees. the cruel joke is, by the time any merchant gets some of these, this money, they will have raised the fees on the merchants more than what they paid out in the first place. so merchants are paying for it themselves. >> here's why he is saying that. this deal isn't a total win for shoppers. it allows retailers to start passing along the extra fees to you, the consumer when you pay with plastic. a judge still has to approve the settlement. and a massachusetts prison guard is incredibly lucky to be alive today. he is recovering after an inmate stabbed hill in the neck with a hand made knife three weeks ago.
5:30 pm
take a look at those x-rays which show just how close it came to killing or paralyzing him. his wife credits the doctors and their faith. >> they told me it missed the spinal cord by half a centimeter. we have strong faith in god and believe it was a miracle. i knew how close he came to dying. seeing that, it took my breath away. >> truly a miracle. that surgery to remove the knife took six hours. a disturbing story to tell you about out of connecticut. police say a group home employee has been arrested after a video surfaced showing her abusing a patient. i have to warn you, the images you're going to see are very disturbing. >> reporter: this group home for mentally disabled adults and those with learning disabilities was supposed to be a safe place. watch how this woman dressed only in a short hospital type gown is treated by a caregiver identified as angelica rivera. the 34-year-old caregiver first
5:31 pm
kicks the disabled woman in the stomach. then hits and taunts her with some kind of belt or strap before dragging the distraught woman by the hair. options unlimited is a private nonprofit agency that contracts with connecticut's department of developmental services. to run such six round-the-clock group homes. the company said it is deeply saddened and appalled by the indent. this is the most heinous crime i've seen in 40 years. >> reporter: last year several employees were fired from the group home and cameras installed to monitor activities. it is unclear who shot this video which was cut together into a 30-second montage. three copies were sent anonymously. one each to a local news station. the state agency in charge, and options unlimited. >> wednesday the department of developmental services turned over a videotape to us and it showed there was some sort of abuse going on between what we found out later to be an
5:32 pm
employee and a resident of this group home. >> reporter: the caregiver has been charge with several felonies including cruelty, unlawful restrain, and bias intimidation. a man who answered her phone would not comment on the allegations or refer us to an attorney. after rivera turn herself in, police obtained a search warn for a second employee who may have additional abuse video. cnn, new york. incredibly, disturbing story. interesting. it is not known who shot that video and it was send to local media a bit earlier this week. other allegations of abuse. could a man accused of shackling his wife and abusing her for a decade escape charges if his wife refuses to testify against him? we're going to ask our legal expert.
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police say a west virginia man spent ten years committing crimes against his wife. he is accused of chaining his wife, beating her with a hot frying pan and mutilating her feet with a piece of farm equipment. now allegedly, this went on for a decade. finally, police say his wife escape to a women's crisis center to call for help. criminal defense attorney holly hughes is here with us in studio. really interesting looking into there story and watching some of the local news reports on it.
5:36 pm
the attorney for him says his client committed no crime. what is interesting, too, the wife is now saying basically, we got in a big argument and they get pretty heated. but this was all just an accident. >> and this is absolutely no surprise, poppy. this is classic domestic violence. this is a woman who has been held a prisoner in her own home for at least the past ten years. she know darn well that if she says he did something to me, going to try to kill her. this is classic cycle. and the charges will be filed. the abuse is evident. you have to look at the injuries. you have to look at how they were sustained. why were they never reported. you're going to argue all that to a jury. if this was a simple accident, where is the hospital records? >> this is sort of a he said/she said case. i believe there are some photographs of injuries. but if you don't have her testifying against her husband and indeed, if you say this is a big misunderstanding, a big argument. how much of a case do you have? >> you have a great case.
5:37 pm
this happens all the time. i'll tell you why. because domestic violence victims, whether male or female, will not testify against their accuser. the prosecution is going to call an expert witness. they are going to call a psychiatrist to say this is absolutely classic. she did make an outcry. she did report this abuse to the worker at the home that she ran to for haven. but now that it is real now, that it is in a court of law and he is facing jail time, now she is scared again. so she is recanting. we see recantations all the time. the psychological testimony will be given to the jury and they'll see through this. they're going to know why she is saying, no, no, it didn't happen that way. >> again, the attorney saying, look, my client did nothing wrong. it will be an interesting one to follow. i want to tell our viewers about this story. we're about kerry kennedy, the ex-wife of andrew cuomo. she was involved in a hit and run on friday in new york. she was charge with operating a motor vehicle while impaired with some sort of drugs but her
5:38 pm
spokesperson made this statement. she voluntarily took breathalyzer blood and urine tests all which of showed no drugs or alcohol in her system. the charges were filed before the test results were available. here's the question. is that normal for charges to be file before test results are fully available? >> it is. absolutely. in a case of dui, what the officers are trying to do is get that person off the road. you do that by arresting them. the case may never go anywhere. it may never actually be charged in a court of law. see, there's one thing when a police officer makes an arrest and he files a charge out. but they may never draft up a charging document which mean you have to go to court and answer for that. they don't want to take a chance. you have might have a test result that's outstanding but they won't let you get in the car and drive away if there's even a suspicion. >> kerry ken kennedy is a lawyer herself. we don't know what this drug
5:39 pm
was. if it was a prescription substance. i believe she was forthright with police talking about that. but at the same time, when you talk about a car, motor vehicle, that is deemed a deadly weapon, right in. >> it absolutely is. and driving under the influence of even if it is a legally prescribed drug. if it is on the label, it says this causes drowsiness or you shouldn't drive. then you should not be driving and that is a crime. if it doesn't show up in the blood, there is no evidence. >> that's the question. why would charges be filed ahead of that, those test results coming in. >> they're the arrest charges that the police officers filed at the side of the street when they wrote up the citation tickets. >> thank you. appreciate you coming in. cholera, a dangerous disease that is making a comeback. devastating one cuban town. a cnn exclusive report from inside the hospital after a quick break.
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[ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson. ? post apartheid south africa, this week's cnn hero has lived in a slum all his life without realizing his treems. he is doing all that he can to empower the next generation. >> cliptown has not changed. people are living in shacks. growing up in kliptown makes you
5:43 pm
feel like you don't have control over your life. many children drop out of school because they don't have school uniforms and textbooks. i realize the only way that the town could change was through education. i'm helping the children so we can change the town together. we help the children by paying for their school books, school uniforms. our main focus is about the program, the tutoring program two days a week. we know the challenges of this community. we will also do a number of activities. we've got to come together for fun while we also come together for academics. >> this program gave me a chance to go to university. they pay for my fees.
5:44 pm
a little can go a long way. >> math and science. and english. >> i did not go to university. but to be able to help them, i feel excited. >> i am going to be an accountant. >> i am going to be a lawyer. >> i am going to be a nurse. >> the work that you're doing here is bringing change. >> what a great guy. i love that. they're going to be accountants, lawyers and nurses. good for those kids. cnn heroes are all chosen from people y know about. cuba is dealing with a deadly outbreak of cholera. the first outbreak of the disease in more than a century. our reporter is the only journalist allowed to go inside the hospitals at the epicenter of this crisis. take a look. >> reporter: at this hospital in the cuban town, three patients arrive complaining of stomach
5:45 pm
ailments. but doctors here are on the lookout for something far more deadly. a rare outbreak of cholera. the this person shows some of the symptoms. >> translator: this morning i was waiting for the bus and i threw up twice so i came running here. >> so far, it has claimed at least three lives and sickened over 110 people with cholera, doctors say. many more people suffered from cases of severe diarrhea. for the first time, the cuban government allowed cameras inside the hospitals at the epicenter of the outbreak. for doctors to tell their stories to cnn. the first day, five patients came and then eight. that's not normal that five people would come with the same symptoms. the most critical days were when they were 30 to 32 patients that arrived in a single day. >> reporter: colorado is a
5:46 pm
waterborne disease that is usually not fatal if treated. it was believed to have been eradicated in cuba. the cuban doctors say a hot and wet summer here set the stage for cholera's return. unusually heavy rainfall flooded these people's farmlands and contaminated their wells. that's how the first outbreak of cholera in cuba in over a century began. to halt cholera spread here, the government has closed contaminated wells and is trucking in drinking water. shuddered food stands that could spread the illness. temporarily banned fishing and swimming in waters that may be contaminated. dr. pena treated patients with cholera in haiti is part of a cuban medical mission there. he says doctors are gaining the upper hand on cuba's much smaller cholera outbreak. >> translator: the number cases is evidently dropping. that doesn't make us confident so much as make us intense identify all of our preventive
5:47 pm
measures so that in the next few weeks, we can stop the outbreak. >> reporter: an outbreak that she hope she can avoid. after speaking to us, she was admitted to the hospital. cholera tests could take seven to ten days to come back. a nerve-racking wait as cuba again battles a killer disease. cnn, man's nia, cuba. >> amazing coverage there. stopping the drug war. incredibly hard to do. especially when hundreds of small tunnels crossing the u.s.-mexico border keep popping up. we're going to give you a tar of the latest. wait until you see. this also, remember, you can watch cnn live on your computer while you're at work or even on your smartphone when you're running around this week. go to in alabama we had more beautiful blooms... in mississippi we had more good times... in louisiana we had more fun on the water. last season we broke all kinds of records on the gulf.
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listen to this story. after surviving on a diet of frogs and roots, a 28-year-old autistic man has been rescued after being stranded in the desert for nearly a month. william lafever was attempting to walk from utah to arizona when he ran out of food. he lost 50 pounds from the time he was last seen until he was found on thursday. just as searchers were about to give up, they spotted him, emaciated, dehydrated and waving weakly at the search helicopter. thank goodness he was found. and stopping the drug war. it is hard, thanks no pain part the hundreds of small tunnels that are hand-dug under the u.s./mexico border. now our cameras take you inside one passageway that is being called the most sophisticated yet. our casey wian is there.
5:51 pm
>> reporter: this is the way agents first discovered this tunnel a few days ago, under this giant container of water. over here, you can still see 55-gallon drums this contained the dirt that was dug out of this tunnel, stretching 240 yards across the u.s./mexico border. >> this is the most sophisticated one i've ever seen in arizona. >> reporter: and what makes it this? >> because of the way it's designed. most of the tunnels we have in arizona, those are just digging through dirt to get into the sewer system, using the sewer system and then punching out again. this one, when you look down that hole, you're going to see, it is completely 4 x 6'd all the way, plywood all the way around it, rebar reinforced. >> reporter: the tunnel is so narrow and so deep, cnn photo journalist john torgoi and his camera needed to descend separately, each with the help of a harness. >> it gets even smaller? >> a little smaller towards mexico. we'll have to crawl, if you were
5:52 pm
to go a whole lot further. >> there's absolutely no dirt in here. it's very clean, and there's light. there's electricity, and there's a an, even. >> reporter: u.s. authorities have found 156 cross-border tunnels since the early 1990s. lately, they've become more sophisticated as drug detection technology aboveground improves. agents had this area under surveillance since january, the way the tunnel was actually discovered. arizona safety public officers pulled over a pickup truck on the highway north of here, discovered 39 pounds of methamphetamine. after interviewing the occupants of the truck, they linked to it this facility and they now have three suspects in custody. casey wian, cnn, san luis, arizona. >> that's fascinating. a fan in that tunnel. how sophisticated it's all gotten. coming up next, why a beauty pageant contestant is making headlines because of her eyes, and not just her beauty. that's true.
5:53 pm
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well, when you hear the word "pageant," you probably think beautiful women, perfect from head to toe, but there is one contestant in the miss florida usa pageant who is really breaking ground. she is beautiful and all that, but she's imperfect in one way -- her vision. john zarrella introduces us to miss florida usa's first legally blind contestant. >> reporter: just to see where to sign her name, connor boss
5:56 pm
must hold her face inches from the sign-in sheet. you see, connor is legally blind. we're, what, maybe 4 feet apart, if that. and you can't see me? >> no. stagart affects my retina, and it's my central vision. >> reporter: at 6 months old, she developed a buildup of red blood vessels, but within a few years ago, she was diagnosed with stargardt's, a rare disease, and one had nothing to do with the other. just plain bad luck. >> i fell going down the steps of the lincoln memorial, believe it or not. but i managed. >> reporter: stargardt's a gradual worsening of sight until blindness is incurable, but connor also has an incurable thirst to overcome her disability. she was in gymnastics until -- >> and then when she had to do vault, she actually ran into the vault one time. >> reporter: while connor can
5:57 pm
barely see, her vision of the future is clear. she is the first legally blind woman to sign up to compete in the miss florida usa pageant. winner goes to the nationals. her journey here began just a couple of years ago, when connor was 16. on a whim, she entered a local teen pageant and won. so which one was the first one you won? >> that bad boy. >> reporter: what's that bad boy? >> that is the harvest queen. >> reporter: connor says each new success, each crown helps build in her a confidence and self-esteem that was lacking. and each new success led her here. >> what makes her special is her drive. she's admirable. she doesn't give up. >> reporter: pageant officials say other than helping connor to get to marks on the stage, she's treated like all the other young women and she never plays to her disability. >> she's the last one who will tell you. she would prefer you not know. and more importantly, it's not what i can't do, it's what i can
5:58 pm
do. >> i've come to learn it's not even about winning the pageants, it's about -- i'm so glad that my story could be shared and that at least i can inspire one person and if i can inspire one person, i feel like i've won. >> reporter: perhaps what is most refreshing, connor doesn't take herself too seriously. >> what's going through your mind right now? what are you thinking? >> dinner. >> reporter: of course. john zarrella, cnn, hollywood, florida. i'm rooting for connor, no matter what. i'm poppy harlow at the cnn world headquarters in atlanta. i'll see you back here one hour from now. "the situation room" with wolf blitzer begins right now. you're in "the situation room." mitt romney responds to the sharpest attacks yet on his record with bain capital and accuses the obama campaign of putting out information, which he says is false, deceptive, and dishonest. plus, the pride of the usa, dressed in uniforms made in china. some are calling it an olympic
5:59 pm
outrage. and a mystery woman appears with north korea's mysterious leader, and rumors fly. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." the race for president of the united states is getting more brutal by the day. we begin this hour with mitt romney responding to a firestorm of controversy, surrounding his taxes and his time at bain capital. and he's accusing the obama campaign of stooping to a new low. our national political correspondent jim acosta had a chance on friday to interview romney. it was an excellent interview. >> thank you. >> and there were some real nuggets that we got out of it. >> that's right, wolf. the main issue we wanted to get to was his role at bain capital and when he left that private investment firm.
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